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Journeyman III

Issue installing latest driver for FirePro M6000

I have a Dell Precision M6700 laptop. The AMD driver information is attached, but ultimately when I check for the driver updates it tells me a version from 2015 is the latest. I was having issues with running BlueBeam Revu 20 through my external monitors and so their support team reviewed my dxDiag file and noticed my AMD driver is 5 years old. When I attempt to install the driver or the Radeon software utility I get an OpenGL 2.0 error, but my version of OpenGL is at 4.5xxxx. My questions are this.

1. Should my driver be able to be updated, or is my driver truly at its max version?

2. Why would both installers not recognize I am running openGL 4.5? (OpenGL View screenshot attached to show versions of drivers and AMD card summary)

Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Issue installing latest driver for FirePro M6000

First it is important to get all the Laptop info like exact Dell Model and Windows and AMD driver version installed.

According to your laptop it came with Windows 7. Did you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro as recommended by Dell: 

This is the latest Dell Mobile FirePro M6000 Driver (2020) from AMD Download page: 

Here is Dell Support download page for your Laptop: Support for Precision M6700 | Drivers & Downloads | Dell US 

Dell's AMD Driver is from 2015. So if you use AMD generic driver you must first update all of your Intel's drivers especially the Intel Graphics and CHIPSET and install the latest BIOS version (2019) if you haven't yet.

See if your Dell laptop has a program that updates all your drivers automatically. If not then download and use Intel's own driver updater to update all of your Intel drivers.

For the latest AMD Driver to work and install correctly Windows must be fully updated via Windows Update and your Intel Graphics and CHIPSET must be the latest versions installed.

Also use this basic method to remove the AMD driver and to install the new version:

Uninstall the current AMD Driver using DDU as per this method:

It could be due to a corrupted AMD Driver installation.

Download free program DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). Run it in Safe mode with the internet disconnected.

You can also run it in Windows Desktop but then you would need to Reboot the computer for DDU to finish erasing all of  the AMD Driver traces from your computer.

 Once it finishes uninstalling the current AMD Driver in Safe mode and boots back to Windows Desktop, still with the Internet disconnected, delete the AMD Installation folder C:\AMD if it was created before.

Now install the full AMD Drive package you downloaded manually from AMD Download page. Not the express package. Run the package and if it installs correctly again delete C:\AMD folder and reconnect the internet.

This should prevent any conflict when installing the new version from the previous version.

By the way, C:\AMD is always created whenever you run the AMD Driver package


Re: Issue installing latest driver for FirePro M6000

After you install the AMD Driver, download and post an image of GPU-Z. At the bottom of GPU-Z it should show OpenCL and OpenGL box check marked. If it doesn't then the AMD driver didn't install correctly and OpenCL and OpenGL were not enabled on the GPU.

Journeyman III

Re: Issue installing latest driver for FirePro M6000

elstaci‌ Correct ussumption about Windows. I did update to 10 as recommended by Windows. I actually did a full hard drive wipe due to other issues, but ultimately I used my service tag and downloaded what was available from Dell. I feel like I ran the added utility for Intel, but worth checking again. My gut tells me this is a user error on my part. I did NOT run the driver removal tool as you mentioned and this is probably the conflict.

I know all other drivers and Windows updates are correct. I will verify Intel drivers and I will run the AMD driver uninstall utility following your steps.

I think that will do it. I will chime back in if I still have issues. Thanks for the help!