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Adept II

Is this software or hardware issue?


I recently upgraded from an old sapphire 6970 to MSI Gaming MX 5600 XT. It seems I am having issues with HDMI on this card. I have a PC monitor connected via DisplayPort and a TV via HDMI cable and have it setup to clone my PC monitor. Randomly my TV will blackout for 2 seconds and come back(picture and sound). This happens randomly just idling or playing a movie. This issue only happens when I'm cloning the monitor to my TV. The PC monitor itself does not blackout. I changed HDMI cable and it did not resolve the problem. Sounds like a handshake problem? Never had this issue with my old Sapphire card. I did use DDU in safe mode to remove the old drivers for my sapphire card before installing the latest AMD drivers for the 5600 XT.

Also I've noticed that whenever I switch my TV to PC, fonts on my computer will resize in certain apps. Also the "show hidden icons" window resizes itself. But these are strange minor issues that seem to be related to the drivers. Not a big deal. I just want the HDMI to work properly.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does it sound like hardware or software issue?


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