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Adept II

Is this a pc from amd itself? Workgroup\DESKTOP-THPC04N$ ?



Found an unknown network pc from amd \Workgroup\DESKTOP-THPC04N$ ?

In my tasks scheduler I saw startDVR from amd, in general tab it says "author: Workgroup\DESKTOP-THPC04N$"

Is this something to do with the developing procces by AMD?, a network pc that is used to develope the software. I can (almost) verify this of my running operating system is in Dutch (werkgroep) instead of workgroup.

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AMDDVR is related to the 'record & stream (Relive)' functions/portion of the software, not something to do with 'development'.

Almost everyone with an AMD graphics processor has that task/file path. 

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DESKTOP-THPC04N$ as shown in the picture, is used for testing or other purposes. Why is it shown as autor in scheduled tasks. I mean there's no refference for the end user.


do a takeown /f c:\testfolder123 /r /d y

u will see it is a user on the computer, the way win10 uses permissions is spooky and mysterious, but if u were trying to become the owner, as your true user profile that u made when installin windows, u need to takeown, and certain things break unelss u icacls trustedinstaller to them.


anways workgroup\desktop is not actually the user profile that is your domainname\username but when u takeown, like i say, it shows that file are now owned by the workgroup\desktop. so it may be an administrators group and not the user...