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Is there a generic AMD x570 bios we can optionally use?

I used to have an X470 asrock gaming K4 board and it had amazingly great audio and when i set the bios RAM timings for low latency and CR1T RAM and things my entire windows OS was booting off my samsung SSD in like 3 seconds completely fully loaded from bios splash screen to logged in to desktop and launch games

everything was rocket fast and my drive benchmarks that say 500MB/second for SSD (samsung 850 evo) and similar for NVME (adata XPG SX8200) were scoring 7.8G/sec probably gigabytes as the drives used M.2 ULTRA and had 40gigabits bandwidth pciE gen 3 for the 38gigabits needed theoretical max limit of a PCIe NVME gen 3 device. only one such slot on that board i had previously lead me to get a much more expensive but absurdly vastly slower board called asrock steel legend X570 and slightly less great sounding. And unable to boot at anywhere near the same low latency. But some features in bios are absent and things my RAM needs me to type in cant be typed in it defaults to auto.. 

It boots into the OS super slowly traditionally slow. like slow as a regular laptop or fake devices like intel or nvidia.. bleargh.. probably feels like a whole minute but more like 40 seconds to boot. previously i was trying different RAID modes and things too.. but it wasnt in a RAID at all. it was just RAID CAPABLE enabled. i set RAID mode in setup to the umm default one individual volumes separate. no mirror no stripe just a RAID mode that allows for regular drives to be hot swapped but isnt mirrored or striped its just a umm allows it to format SSD on SATA RAID and NVME on NVME RAID into a single extended larger capacity volume possibly?


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You can only use the BIOS supported for your specific motherboard available from the motherboard manufacturer

For example, your is the X470 asrock gaming K4, you can only use the BIOS available for the X470 asrock gaming K4 which is here: ASRock > Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 the latest one is the 



And make sure to have the latest X570 chipset driver as well X470 Drivers & Support | AMD