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Journeyman III

Is My Processor and Graphics Card Compatible with Win7?

These are the specs:

Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad 310-15 ABR

OS: Windows 10

Processor: AMD A12-9700P

Graphics Card: Radeon R7 2.50 GHz

I want to install Win7 over Win10. I dont like Win10 and neither do some of my games and my Capture Card. Lol.

Also, forgive me if i selected the wrong place. I didnt know what else to search. Compatible came up with nothing. This seemed to be the closest thing.

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Just stay with windows 10. It's the best operating system and you have modern specs

Personally, I can play every game with windows 10 and I have better FPS

Also don't forget to install the latest AMD driver 18.7.1 - - > APU



There are many reasons not to want to stay on or use Windows 10 as your main OS.
If you install Windows 7, please realise that Microsoft Extended Support for Windows 7 ends soon.
AMD continue to provide Windows 7 drivers at the moment.

Your other 'choice' for your laptop could be Windows 8.1 64bit, if you can get a license for it.
I use Windows 8.1 64 bit as my Main OS. It has ~ 4.5 years before end of extended support.
I prefer it to Windows 10. Just install classic shell and you will have your Windows start menu back.
Unfortunately for me, AMD do not provide any new Windows 8.1 drivers for my AMD GPU's for over a year now.

Nvidia still support Windows 8.1 drivers so you could always sell your AMD laptop and buy an Intel processor with Nvidia GPU with Windows 8.1 installed.

Here is the Windows support lifecycle.

Your choice of OS as a consumer on a modern laptop is ... you have no choice, no privacy, and from what I see, no security for your personal data.



I don't suggest you to sell your laptop , sometimes you have to look at the future not the past

Windows 10 is the latest operating system , it's safe , fast and it has full support from Microsoft, AMD and other companies

Also I think that nvidia will drop Windows 8.1 support too 



RE: sometimes you have to look at the future not the past

Sometimes you need to think about the future you are being forced into and do something to change it if you disagree.
I am almost completely moved over to using Linux for everything except gaming and blender rendering.

RE: Also I think that Nvidia will drop Windows 8.1 support too

There are supposed to be another 4.5 years to go on Microsoft Extended Support.
Maybe Nvidia will do what is right and continue to provide Windows 8.1 drivers because their customers bought GPU which stated support for the OS in the card specification and on the GPU box. Obviously this means nothing to AMD.




There are some Linux laptop options available listed here:
Best Linux laptops of 2018 | TechRadar

If you wanted to use one of those for gaming on Windows you would have to check if any of these machines would allow you to run Windows as a virtual machine in Linux  and access the GPU hardware with PCIe passthrough.

There are an increasing number of games being ported to Linux, just go look at what is available on Steam.