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Drivers & Software

Is it just me or did Radeon Software 20.4.1 bring back large number of freezes, Bsoding, and black screens.

No it isn't just mine, I've used the cleanup utility and reinstalled several times to make sure it wasn't just corrupted. I've been noticing double the freezes and crashes since upgrading earlier this day, I went from one freeze or black screen a week to six in this one day. When I'm alt tabbed from a full screen application the audio drivers break causing static interference.


Ryzen 5 2600x

Saphire Raden rx580 8gb

16 GB DDR4 @2666mhz ( i know its slow, I built this during the Dram shortage and couldn't afford faster memory)

120gb Silicon Power SSD

1TB Western Digital HDD

Corsair VS 550 

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