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Is anyone having Graphical Issues with (EA) Battlefront 2 on the RX 5700 Series?

I will be recording a video of the issues in question, but I decided to play through the Battlefront 2 (EA / 2017) Campaign(s) again recently... for Research Purposes, mainly I'm taking notes (and later record full campaign play-throughs; as well as several Multiplayer Games) to break down the failure of Game Design in EA's Version compared to the Pandemic Version. 

Now in any case... something I noticed during the initial missions., and actually this is something anyone can try; even if you don't own the game but haven't used the Trial Version (which has the first 3 Campaign Chapters); is that on anything other than "Low" Post-Processing; there was a lot of Garbage Noise across various surfaces (primarily the Floors though; think it might be connected to reflections?).

Another issue I'm having is when controlling Iden's Droid (ID-10) in First Person; the entire screen is massively darkened... in-fact to the point where going through the Conduits, I damn near had to use the Force to navigate with.

Adrenalin 20.1.1

Ryzen 5 1600 (Stock Clocks)

Asus Prime B350-Plus

Sapphire RX 5700 XT (Reference)

Windows 10 v1909 (18363.535)

I've flushed the DirectX Shaders and the issues occur on both DirectX 11 and 12. 

But as a note they don't occur on either Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V... which use Frostbite 3 as well, so... I don't know, it's weird? 

Just curious if anyone else has had similar issues on the current drivers with the RX 5700 Series. 

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Journeyman III

Hi! I have the same issue, in BFV too, i have to set Post-Processing Quality to "Low" to avoid the issue with the textures on the floor and reflections, here my video:

Battlefront 2 DX12 POST PROCESS QUALITY Radeon RX 5700 XT Issue - YouTube 

Did you resolve this?