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Journeyman III

Inverted Colors After installing SSD

Hi! I am new here, one month ago or somewhere in December, I got a SSD (Kingston A400 240GB, I know its a cheaper one, but that is what the budget got me), after a clean Windows 10 Pro installation with the .iso from Microsoft s site, I intalled the latest AMD driver with the tool provided on the website, everything went well until, I entered a game (ETS 2 to be more specific) and saw something isnt quite right, all the colours, exept black and white were intverted, I alt+f4 the game and the whole destktop from blue became brown. I have a R5 M330 (discrete/switchable GPU) and a A8-7410 APU with R5 Graphics. I need to mention I have installed a 2019 driver and it worked perfect!




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