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Journeyman III

Instnat replay/Recording produces 720p 30 fps files instead of 1080p 60fps


Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with the AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition. Whenever I try to record or make an instant replay of my gameplay, the resulting files are always low-quality 720p 30fps files with a low bit rate, regardless of the game I'm playing. I've configured the recording settings (as shown in the first screenshot) to record at 1080p 60fps with a video bitrate of 100 MB/s, but none of the recordings or instant replays are actually recorded using those settings. Instead, I end up with low-resolution, low-framerate files with a low bit rate (as shown in the second screenshot).

I'm pretty sure that my PC can handle 1080p 60fps recording, as I'm using a 7600 CPU, 6950XT graphics card, and 32GB of RAM.

I would appreciate any help or advice on how to resolve this problem.





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