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Journeyman III

Instant Replay is a mess 5600XT

I recently got a new PC with Ryzen 7 3800x and a 5600XT (upgrade from GTX 970) but I swear I am having more issues with the GPU after my upgrade. 

One of these issues is Instant Replay, I used shadowplay all the time before because it was smooth and didn't stutter in the background. But now my game is stuttering like crazy and the video afterward is also lagging, I have turned on 60fps but in the video information it says 41fps??? My colors aren't always correct either. I have tried AVC and HEVC, both has the same issues, tried messing around with the bitrate but nothing seems to help. 

I have tried to reinstall the latest recommended drivers, reinstalled windows (fully removing everything) but nothing seems to help, it is still lagging and just not as smooth as my nvidia card. As a first time buyer of AMD products, this is really dissapointing and in the current state I would not recommend AMD GPUs. 

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