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Adept I

Instant Replay HEVC crash

Steps to reproduce the problem,

1. Enable Instant Replay

2. Set the video codec to HEVC (other settings seems to not matter)

3. Play Heavy games like Metro exodus enhanced edition

3. Happy crash moment.


I have tried 22.5.1 to 22.6.2. All these versions acted the same. So I am a bit worried if my card is faulty or not.

I reported it as a bug with the "amd bug report tool". I didn't even see them acknowledge this problem in the known issues.

I did not find any solution to this problem. But someone did tell me that it did not happen in 22.2.3.

So if there is any tips or tricks or solution to this, Please help me out. It will be much appreciated. I don't want to regret buying into amd graphics after spending 550 bucks. I really hope there is a solution.

So some of you might not have this problem. But this problem is very real for me. I cannot just use the AVC encoder because that uses a lot of Ram (like more than 1.5gb) which i need.



OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044

Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-12100F, 3300 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0601, 11/22/2021

MB: Asus PRIME H610M-E D4

(RAM): 16.0 GB

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT

1 Solution
Adept I

So they fixed it in the recent driver (22.10.2). So yeah. Even though it was almost 4 months of suffering, still thanks a lot for fixing this issue AMD. Now I can finally show my friends how I have been getting rekt in games. XD. Good game yall.

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Journeyman III

I encounter the same issue on RX 6800 XT. Any type of HEVC encoding seems to make the graphics drivers **** the bed. I have heard every driver update since Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-21.10.2-Win10-Win11-64Bit-Oct25 Has caused problems with HEVC. So maybe try to downgrade to 21.10.2? ( 

I really hope AMD gets around to fixing this soon. Its unbelievable that we have to intentionally downgrade drivers for our 500$+ high end graphics cards, to make them work in daily usage. 


nvm nothing changed

Not applicable

the ray tracing metro exodus enhanced refuses to launch for me because my ray tracing lacks the ray tracing goes 10% faster rtx chip.. so uhh i dunno what to say to those nvidia trolls.

but when i played the regular exodus sam and the two colons DLC where you crawl through a slimey parasite infested backside in the underbelly of russia while trying to flee the city crossing paths with countless monsters.. i did notice it used to run terrible for me in every single meaning of the word and forcing borderless windowed mode helped a bit but the whole game was fake and rigged for the worst performance and lowest quality ever. honestly unless enhanced edition was made by other people who know what a computer looks like i wouldnt even install it. 

but since you did i suggest you give my config.ini file a try. also did you purchase the $1 HEVC decoder from microsoft app store?

called HEVC extensions by microsoft corporation? try resetting/updating/temp cache deleting or uninstalling and reinstalling the windows PHOTOS app or mediaplayer too if you have issues with that as well viewing HEVC.. im pretty sure its those losers and their false game causing it. 

give my config.ini and configuration and stuff a try .. worth a shot?


@Anonymous I know that I only mentioned the game - metro exodus enhance edition. But it's the same in other games with ray tracing. Like RE2. Without ray tracing, it still crashes but takes longer. 

yes, I have the 1$ hevc encoder.

Not applicable

okay what u wanna do is disable the steam or other game overlays.. see if its got an anticheat and if the game can launch and run without the anticheat as it may be picking up on the amd overlay and blocking it as tampering. ensure in adrenaline the settings cog system i think it was or the far right one.. its got umm toggle for enable overlay.. then go into game and ensure the overlay is enabled by hold ALT and press R key it should pop up then correctly ensure its set for freesync and antilag and check your advanced graphics settings and so on. but theres actually something been crippling and faking the AMD drivers after you install the latest adrenaline maybe after a reboot or something.. so download latest optional or WHQL AMD driver and install it.. then it should look and game amazing.. but after a reboot or a bit of gaming go back to device manager and find your say 5700xt card like mine.. the display driver right click and properties update driver.. browse from a list and select have disk.. where you installed the AMD driver adrenaline software it unpacks the install files to C:\AMD dir on my PC and it leaves them there you navigate through to the packages folder and display and select the wtasomething.inf or whatever.. then it will show your card when picking from a list and only your card number like say 5700xt.. but you then want to uncheck that show only compatible.. scroll down and find the 6950xt and select that.. when download AMD driver adrenaline from website select graphics cards and select 6950 and click through to the page and download driver via a download link.. dont use the default autodetect wizard exe.

its often not the ray tracing thats the problem but you may wanna check your directx12 and d3d12 and 11's feature levels in registry found in hkeysystem i believe it was > microsoft  > directx edit it and put hex fill it with FF's hold the F key for max and min both i guess. its what i do. you will also wanna make a new text document config.ini and type something like DXR99 and D3D99 or something maybe even try directdraw99 too you see it might be giving you some error when it crashes about not having directx or d3d12 but its a windows 10 default or the DXR being too low version like it wants 2.4 or something so put version 99 or 9.9 or something or just put whatever version it requested.

VXR99 or was it just 9.. see what works best and umm also hyperultramaxfulltrueRTX

and then type in dualaugmentedenhancedultrafulltruetracedrayreflections, same but tracedraylightpathways and same but differedlighting and same but diffusedlighting and same but global illumination, and same but ambientocclusion and same but indirectlighting and same but you could try things like transflexivelighting or emissivelighting or daylight or moonlight.. im pretty sure whole dictionary works.. oh yeah same tracedraytranslucency you can manually enable all the ray tracing features if one of them is using the game softwares one that sucks it will use OS and vulkan and display driver ones instead which are wayyy better. you basically just all the light based words maybe even shadow based ones but words tracedray or raytracing or directxraytracing in front of it.. or use 


Also the way nvidia's been disabling ray tracing in the OS and software the last few decades since they killed off the ray tracing voodoo3dfx in the 90's is they set your size or scale and render quality and render features to 0.. so if you set all your values to infinity and infinitely spawn them.. the ray tracing will still be there in the game but it will be 0 in size.. but by becoming infinite and probably divisible by zero you can see the ray traced reflections and everything but they look too far away or too tiny you need your camera or screen to be very close to them for say the ocean waves or something with its ray traced reflection surfaces.

but it might be the game engine bugging out with my octillions of render resolution on my rx5700xt and ryzen 5700G

i wonder why the fire doesnt work and the liquids pretend to not work and the details.. unless get mm away from it and the focus is eternally miles away.. somebodys manually manipulating all our graphics values so AMD cards arent the literally infinitely better devices that they actually are.


Confirming HEVC causes The Cycle:Frontier (in both DX11 and DX12 mode) to crash when recording game play (Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut).

MSI 6800XT Gaming X Trio (PCIe 4.0 mode), Ryzen 5800X, 32GB @ 3200C14. SeaSonic 800W Gold PSU. Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro v1.0. Win10 x64.

After anywhere from 4 to 25 minutes (approx), TCF would freeze, black screen for ~5 seconds, then Unreal Crash Reporter showing DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

Tried lots of different options that didn't help - undervolting, underclocking, increasing power limits, turning off all background apps that might interfere, DDU to 22.5.1 (from 22.6.1). Temps are all fine. Game runs reliably when not recording.

Since switching to AVC, I've had 0 crashes - played and recorded last night for a few hours, no issues.


Bump because AMD need to fix this. AVC encoding contains _heavy_ stuttering, seemingly any time the GPU hits 100% utilisation.

Adept I

I'm also having issues with their video encoder, but for me it's when I'm trying to play VR with Quest link. It causes my graphics driver to crash and makes my laptop restart. It happens in a random amount of time, so it's hard to replicate it.


Bumping to make AMD aware their HEVC/AVC ASIC needs better firmware...



They finally acknowledged this issue and will be working to fix in in 22.10.2.

I saw that in the 22.10.1 release notes ! Hurray!

"Driver timeout may occur using HEVC hardware encoding on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs. [Resolution targeted for 22.10.2]"

Adept I

So they fixed it in the recent driver (22.10.2). So yeah. Even though it was almost 4 months of suffering, still thanks a lot for fixing this issue AMD. Now I can finally show my friends how I have been getting rekt in games. XD. Good game yall.