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Journeyman III

Instant replay and recording only works on desktop

Does anyone else have this issue? So I'm using AMD Software on Windows 10 for an RX 590 and I have the hotkeys for record and instant replay set to Alt + F9 and Alt + F10. When I launch games, I can get the in-game overlay sidebar (by pressing Alt + Z) just fine and I can begin a recording via that menu but no hotkeys work once it starts. What's weirder is if I open overlay back up and click to stop the recording, nothing happens. Instant replay behaves the same way. Once I exit the game and get back to my desktop, the hotkeys work again and I get the top right banner saying "recording saved to ___." So you can't save a recording until you're all done playing. That doesn't always work plus an instant replay without a hotkey is useless.

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