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Journeyman III

Installing Red (RX Vega56) and Blue (WX4100) graphics cards

In the same system. Is this possible or is it a dueling banjos problem like quadro and GTX cards.

Just doing it did not seem to work.

I am doing this as a workaround to the differing refresh rate flicker ("known issue" with Vega) problem with a 1440P ultrawide @100Hz  and a 60 Hz Planar GX2MP 1600x1200. So one display per card.

Vega->UW-1440p and WX4100->Active-DVI->GX2MP

A quadro NVS card I pulled from a drawer fixed the flicker but did not like anything over 480p youtube (choppy)

So a procedure would be nice.

-Thank you.

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