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Journeyman III

Installing Radeon drivers ONLY ?

I've got a Radeon card (laptop), am running the 23.9.1 Software Adrenalin installer and I've chosen the Driver Only install type. However, the description says: "This driver only install provides no user interface for AMD Software Adrenalin Edition features." That wording concerns me -- I want drivers ONLY but it sounds like it'll possibly install some other components, just without a UI.

I'm a photographer -- not a gamer -- so I want nothing installed that affects hue / saturation / luminosity / contrast, etc. And that's exactly what Software Adrenalin will do unless virtually all the "features" are disabled. Problem is, with SA installed (even with everything disabled) my calibrated SpyderX monitor profiles won't load -- SA interferes with it. So that's why I want drivers ONLY, no other "tools", etc.

Does anyone know if the Driver Only option will indeed install the driver only? Is the description's wording simply imprecise or does it indeed install / activate other "stuff" (but with no means to disable it)?


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