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Journeyman III

Installing/enabling the RX 5700 driver(s) instantly goes to a black screen


Installing/enabling the RX 5700 driver(s) instantly go to a black screen

The computer automatically updated and the GPU driver crashed instantly

After ending up reinstalling a fresh version of windows I tried the above list of drivers

I used DDU to clean up things between attempts between different drivers

Results consistent, instant crash as soon as the driver tries to start. In all but one case, but then crashed the Adrenaline software before it finished reinstalling after reboot, wouldn't load after that

Restart in safe mode, disable the driver, windows loads, and do have a display with the Windows default adapter driver

Tried installing while the internet was disconnected and turned off windows updates/driver updates

All GPU settings were factory


Computer Type - Desktop

GPU - Radeon RX 5700 8 GB GDDR6 Memory type

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Motherboard - AsRock B450M Pro4 - Updated during troubleshooting to 4.5

RAM: 32GB Dual-Channel 2666MHz DDR4 Slots A2 and B2

PSU - Azza PSAZ 650W

Case P7 SILENT - Antec

Operating System and Version - Tried Windows 10 Home 1909 OS build - 18363.1237 & 20H2 - 19042.631 and 1809

GPU Drivers tried:

  • Auto-Detect and install - 20.9.1

  • 19.7.1

  • 20.11.2

  • 20.9.1 (full)

  • 20.11.1

  • Windows update version - 26.20.13002.133

Hard drives: SSD: 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD 1900/950MB/s, 1TB Hard Drive

Chipset Drivers - Newest available

Clean install of Windows


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Sorry about your problems. Sounds very frustrating. 

It sure looks like you have done a good job at trying the normal things to fix the issues, so good job there!

If you can try testing your system with OCCT from ocbase dot com. Not sure that you can though if you can't boot normally into Window and I have never run it from safe mode, but maybe try that if you can. It can test your components power supply, GPU etc... Not sure how effective the GPU test is or if it will even run right in safe mode or sans working drivers. Worth giving it a shot though.

If that doesn't help, honestly I think you have done about all you can do and it is time to talk to the support department that made your GPU and see what they suggest. An RMA might be in order.