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Journeyman III

installed the new w7 64 bit driver 18.3.2 march 5 update and after clean install radeon settings crashes

each time i open it radeon settings crashes... ... did clean install does the same... i got 7870 xfx tahiti core double disipation and amd ryzen 1400 b350 gigabyte gaming 3 g skill amd optimized ram, what can i do rollback to previous versions or is there something i need to do ... also windows updated

amd settings host aplication has stopped working search for a sollution or stop program ... i do search for solution nothing happens ... it does that every time sugestions ? anybody with 7870 xt tahiti have the same problem ?

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The 18.3.2 drivers do not support your graphics card. Please select your driver manually:

Download Drivers

No you are wrong because 18.3.2 driver has not yet been released for any card, maybe he means 18.3.1 driver (march 5) whitch is the latest driver and supports his GPU

I don't experience any crash with PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD 7870 MYST. Edition

Did you try DDU for clean install ?


What type of error messages are you getting when the Radeon settings crash?

On the download page that Kingfish gave a link to when you go the AMD driver for your GPU card on the Right Hand Column towards the bottom in Orange there is a link to "Previous AMD Drivers" . There you can download a older version of AMD driver to reinstall again.