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Journeyman III

Installation without Radeon Software?

I have already searched online --- and found countless other people asking the same question, with no easy solution. 

As a first time AMD user (purchased new 5000XT-series a few days ago), I am so far impressed with the hardware, and utterly disappointed with the software.  My first impression of AMD?  The inability to control the installation of the driver + bloatware software.  The installation software doesn't give the user basic control over the installation process.  I have seen this from small companies with entry-level developers and spam developers.... generally not from multi-national corporations.  


For the sake of your market share, give users the ability to install JUST the GPU drivers and make the add-on software modular.  At the very least, give users the ability to enable or disable the Radeon software from loading on boot, and for the sake of this not being two decades in the past, give your software an "Exit" function it it's right-click menu.  AMD is a big and reputable company, not a spam company that forces software onto customer's systems.  


You make quality hardware.  Get your software project managers in a room and fix the software deficiencies, and do this long before you start thinking about adding new "features".  Please: read the hundreds or thousands of complaints online about AMD's poor software. People are begging across forums for improvements, including the ability to easily install/update drivers without piles of bloat added to the installation process.  Put breaks on adding new features -- focus on the core product, basic software standards, and UI/UX improvements.  NVIDIA offers this (basic) functionality, as do most large, reputable companies. 

AMD, please, you aren't in the business of spam; give your users control over the basics.  Start with your installer.   Thanks.