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Journeyman III

Installation / Uninstall 21.6.2 crashes system

My system is equipped with Intel I7-4790, 32GB memory, 1.8 GB raid -10 diskspace, 3 SSD’s (total 1TB) and 2 external disks (4TB), Windows 10 21H2 (latest version), all drivers are up to date, an AMD RX480 8GB and an Acer XV272U in HDR mode.

Some time ago I had to clean-install windows 10, so the MS driver for he RX480 was installed, however I wanted to install the Radeon software.

That is where all the problems started.

The installation of 21.6.2 starts but somewhere during the intro screen, just before the activity measure reaches the end, the system crashes. Only forced shutdown using the power button is possible  reboot the system.

So I used the AMD Cleanup tool to uninstall, whatever was already installed including the MS driver. After booting in protected mode and starting the Cleanup tool the Cleanup software also, at some point, crashes the system. Again only the Power button can be used to reboot the system. Using MSConfig and rebooting in normal mode the system is up and running again. Obviously functioning normal.

I tried the above scenarios with older versions and even the new X12-version, however all with the same disappointing result.

What do I have to do in order to install the Radeon software for my RX480?

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Journeyman III

having the exact same problem, went through system restore and got rid of latest drivers and system is working perfectly, i also have the same graphics card as well so it may just be an issue isolated to 480s, not exactly sure though.