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Adept I

Install of 23.2.1 bricked motherboard

After installing the latest Adrenaline drivers with the factory reset option enabled, I restarted my PC and then it did not boot back up. No BIOS, nothing.

I have been on the phone to AMD tech support and they have said that I have already tried everything they can think of and that the driver install has bricked the motherboard somehow. And that it would be one hell of a coincidence that the board fail right as it reboots to install these new drivers.

Anyone else had this exact issue? I have seen others but those all were able to get to Windows Repair and restore their systems.

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have you tried restarting your PC 3 times in a row. By the third time the Windows Troubleshooting Menu should come up unless you still don't have video output.

Try physically removing your GPU card, make sure the contacts are clean, and install it again and see if you get video output, at least when Windows is loading up.

I really can't see how a Graphic driver can brick your motherboard. Most likely it is your GPU card that isn't working rather then the motherboard.

Try installing the GPU card in another PC or another GPU Card in your PC to see if it boots up.


because the news driver set make bios changes


I have tried all of those things. I have tried a known working GPU. 

I have been through all of this with AMD tech support and they themselves said that with my situation the GPU is unlikely to be affected and it is almost certainly the motherboard. They are unsure as to why this has happened though.

Thanks for the post. 

We are looking into this issue and have an existing discussion which you can use to track status updates and to provide your feedback. 

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