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Install more than one driver version[Suggestion]

Recently I found I cannot run old games with newer driver version! I have tried to run Deux Ex Human Revolution, Rage, and Rainbow Six Vega with 19.x.x and newer drivers and the games are crashing. However I can run theses games using old 16.11.5 Crimson driver.

Could AMD create a solution to allow us to keep more than one driver installations on the system for compatibility purposes?

It seems that only one driver version will never satisfy everybody and at present moment I wouldn't like to create a dual boot just for this reason.

Even if we have to reboot the system to use other driver version would be useful. Nonetheless the ideal solution would allow us to change driver version on the fly if that's possible.

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Re: Install more than one driver version[Suggestion]

AMD probably constantly improves DX and Vulkan driver API files for optimal performance. This may effect OC graphics cards to crash. For example, I use Asus ROG Strix RX480 for 3 years. I could make OC before. However, now when I make OC with new drivers, sometimes the GPU crashes and I get a black screen error that most users encounter. I think you should use new driver. Decrease core clock speed by 50Mhz or increase core voltage by 12mV. However, increasing voltage will cause a GPU to warm up more than usual.