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Install Control Panel Separate?

You can install only the driver if you want, but how do you install the cp separate later from another driver?

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Not sure that is still possible (without breaking something), quite some time back you could download, extract, cancel install then go to the C/AMD folder and choose radeon software install from the different driver version downloaded.

There are modded 3rd party installers, maybe check them out ? (at your risk).  


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Yea i notice that we can download and install only the driver, they give you that option. But i would assume, they would of added an option to only install the CP too, so that's weird. 

I was just curious. I'm using a w5500 radeon pro, older drivers are the only drivers that work decent with this gpu. just wanted to use the newer cp. but its cool. im buying a w6600 soon, hopefully the issue that is present with the w5500 is not an the issue on the w6600.