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Journeyman III

Install chipset AMD? and EDC (CPU) Red in Ryzen Master

Hello, I am new to the forum. Greetings to all. I have a question, in case someone can help me. I have a computer with an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and I have two questions. I have installed AMD Chipset Driver drivers. Is it correct and necessary or is it better to let Windows 10 recognize it automatically? I see that said chipset installs the Ryzen Balanced power plan, which is the one I have left activated in Windows. The question is if I have done well to install these drivers.

The other question is that I have installed Ryzen Master, although I don't really intend to overclock, but to monitor the system. And there is an EDC (CPU) measurement that appears in red. Sets: 99% of 90A Limit 250A. I understand that if something turns red something should not go well and I don't know what to do. I have an ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard.

Thanks for the help.

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