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Install 2020 AMD adrenalin on switchable graphics

Hi! I have a laptop that runs on switchable graphics (Intel HD 4400/ Radeon HD 8850m). I have only 15.201.110 version installed. I tried to install latest drivers from AMD but the computer kept freezing during installation. Is there any way to install these drivers?

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Laptop graphics update...How to 

For laptops with Intel/AMD graphics:


1. Download and save to the desktop the correct AMD drivers for your laptop.

2. The Intel graphics drivers should be the latest offered by Intel Support.

Use their 'Driver Download Tool' to get the latest version. These must be installed before the AMD drivers. 

I followed this procedure. I completely uninstalled the drivers first and then installed Intel HD graphics drivers first. But during the AMD drivers installer, the setup freezed. Any other fix please? :-(


In Device manager / Display adapters ..right click on AMD graphics / update / choose from my computer / have disk / go to C: / AMD ...Choose which driver version / packages / drivers / inf 64 .

Thanks a lot

This worked!! :-D