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Adept I

Inspiron 3541 Graphics card stutter

I've had this problem since the longest I can remember. Got the laptop in 2015 Sept 22 and last week I decided to dig it up from the grave and try to fix it, The graphics card is causing a micro stuttering, I found this out because it stops whenever I disable the graphics card. I went from the edge of the internet and back 3 times from YouTube to forums you never even heard of to find a solution and apparently tons of other people have had this problem and never found a solution. I've tried going to the dell website to get the 2015 drivers directly from the source but I could not find a way to install the driver into the laptop. I have reinstalled windows and I did in the beginning take apart the laptop to the last piece to see if it was a dust issue. I do think it might be a voltage problem but I don't know.

If you have anything that can help me with this problem please tell me, Thanks.

Laptop: Inspiron 3541


Processer:AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 


Windows 10 Home