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Adept I

Input Lag All driver versions newer than 17.10.1

Severe input lag on all driver versions newer than 17.10.1, Including 18.1.1

Happens anytime a 2D or 3D accelerated application opens and on Windows Startup.

CPU: FX-8320 @ 4.51
Memory: x4 Kingston HyperX Blue 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (16 GB Total)
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0
GPU: MSI AMD R9 390 (1040 Clock/1500 Memory)
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

Occurs anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes after opening anything.

Cannot Right Click during Input Lag, all right clicks happen immediately after lag ends
All animations in all applications lag as well. However, Video and Audio elements do not lag.
Cannot utilize Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock without windows thinking it was triggered 5+ times in a row.
Left click works instantly, however mouse cursor continues to move in straight horizontal followed by straight vertical movements in 50-pixel increments. Even without mouse input. (Mouse unplugged), moves towards the last direction the mouse was heading with straight 90 degree movements.
Delay in all mouse movements and all key presses.
Delay in all non-axis inputs from Logitech 3D Attacker Pro Joystick
Input lag prohibits the use of holding the power button to force shutdown, same as right-clicking, lag will end then function.
CPU Utilization during input lag remains around 10-15% as normal while running Chrome.
GPU remains @ low clock (300/1500), which is normal in versions not affected as well.
Youtube works fine, but Netflix lags terribly and is unwatchable at 1 frame per 5 seconds.

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Adept I

Appears the GPU is staying in P0 for an extended period of time before increasing to any higher state.

In 17.10.1: GPU increases to a higher state much earlier with no delay than in 18.1.1 which wait forever, lag disappears the moment the GPU clock rises above P0.


If you are using any Asus controls (Tweak,etc)....they can cause issues with wattman.


I do not have Asus AI Suite installed precisely due to that.

Forcing the GPU clock up to at least 450 causes the issue to not happen

I'm thinking there is something wrong with switching out of idle clock in 17.10.2 and newer. Just doesn't seem as willing to go above 300 Mhz on its own as it was in 17.10.1


Do you have the Power Limit setting in Wattman?


I currently have it set to max (50%), Power Efficiency Off, Chill Off


I've been doing some more testing.

I have thrown in a second GPU (a 7750 I used to use before the 390)

I have two displays, a 1440p 144Hz monitor (Via DP) as my main and my older 1080p 60Hz monitor (Via DVI), I have left the 1440p one on the 390 and the 1080p one has been moved to the 7750.

Netflix in that configuration works fine. The GPU ramps up on its own to the 550-600 core /1500 memory clock range and no stuttering or lag.

There is still heavy lag on startup of 3D applications, however, it only has 5-15 seconds in this configuration. During that time the 390 core clock is 300-315 and immediately stops lagging when it steps up to 500+ MHz

I probably should have mentioned the displays in the first post, I apologize for that.

In 17.10.1 there is no lag, GPU immediately steps up as required.

It appears even with 50% Power Limit, the GPU in 17.10.2 through 18.1.1 is very hesitant to upclock. In 17.10.1; I can have a Power Limit of 0% and it clocks up much sooner.

I wish I could either change P0 to 400 (As you can see I'm not concerned about additional power draw) or make the threshold for increasing states lower.

Clean Install was used every time installing drivers.


Your machine is vastly overclocked probably causing your issue - I have a similar machine and never seen such issues


Issue does not persist if I revert to 17.10.1 or earlier. So that is doubtful. If my overclock was doing it, I would be having issues with previous versions of the driver as well.

Adept I

Okay, so after repeatedly using DDU and reinstalling 18.1.1, after about 10 cycles of this, I managed to get it to install and not have any lag.

However, now I can't run any 3D applications in Full Screen or Borderless Full Screen without the GPU stop sending a single to the monitor via DP after 3 seconds.

Alt-Tabbing out brings the screen back up, tabbing back in, it goes off again after 3 seconds.