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Journeyman III

incompatible with graphics driver

Hi there,

I have had this issue for over 2 years now.  I install the drivers on the AMD website making sure I have chosen the correct CPU(Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2100 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)) and have tried using the software that tells you which driver to install however, the same issue arises each time.  The drivers will work for a few days then when I try to open the software this error comes up.

This version of AMD software:  Adrenalin Edition you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed graphics driver........

I have tried 3 times now factory resetting my drivers and making sure I have no other installed drivers on my laptop.  Would fixing these drivers help with gaming performance? If so, how should I go about fixing this issue?






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From what I have been reading, it appears that the Radeon Vega Mobile G series cards were designed for the Intel Kaby Lake series.  The AMD Radeon Vega Mobile is a dedicated graphics card for laptops. It most likely uses the same chip as the Kaby-Lake-G graphics part.

One issue I found describes the problem your having to some degree. 

Try disabling Enhanced Sync and see if that corrects your problem. 

You might also try setting your scaling mode to full screen and see what effect that has.

Not applicable

the problem is you may be on an insider build of windows or just updating windows frequently.

you see when windows updates.. it has to roll back your display driver to OS defaults. particularly in windows beta/dev channel builds for insider or just the os in general and for major milestone patches. sometimes the drivers you installed you didnt install the adrenaline software with it or something is allowing the OS to swap out the driver version in device manager.

usually its just an OS update or change to the system or you requested a repair or an image/protection backup or its maybe your domain/network policy at work that keeps forcing in a probably 6 years older far worse display driver that they last knew worked or something or shipped out when the OS went on sale. but if your device manager driver gets changed and your adrenaline control panel doesnt match it you get those errors. not sure if theres a registry thing you can match the versions up for adrenaline with or whatever.. if you newly install your computer and you update OS and reboots several times downloading large updates then rebooting if you install your adrenaline AMD display driver during those times it often wont stick as theupdate wipes it back to default OS driver for AMD which while sometimes way faster can be far lower quality or not allow you to select full RGB 444 or other important necessary functions. then when the adrenaline is installed so you can do them, the device manager driver may need to be uninstalled and deleted and the full AMD adrenaline installer package installed.

those display driver only things are for say a work computer for word processing no games no graphics just text. or a banking ATM or other embedded stuff, custom android phone/tablet or say a custom raspberry pi linux server or web server not for desktop pc gaming. 

try not to listen to those lying nvidia trolls and yes although the adrenaline drivers get messed with and their performance limited often by hackers or fakes or something you need to install it anyway so you can toggle it on with a text file config.ini with the best custom values/settings instead of using the adrenaline interface and their BS nonsense values/settings/defaults straight from nvidia/intels Bholes.