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in wattman quan overclock my graphics card

in wattman quan overclock my graphics card  Sapphire Radeon™ R9 380 2G D5 (ITX Compact)    it's normal who has games that support more or less overclock  my bios motherboard has been updated also I can you have a better to stabilize at the level of the graphical clock and with the new pilot amd also  I am currently at 1100 mhz and memory at 1600 mhz ??  it's because its lag and screen freezes before I push clock at 1100 mhz and depuit games freezes I come back to 1080 mhz more stable  energy consumption + 20  .......

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if you are freezing you're probably pushing it too far. My maximum clock on my r9 380 is 990 with 1400 memory. Anything beyond that and it becomes unstable.