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Journeyman III

In-Game Replay Audio and Replay Issue


I've started using the In-Game Replay feature a couple of days back, but I am experiencing certain issues with it.

When I save an instant replay there's no microphone sound at all. Also, I can't watch the replay within AMD software or the overlay directly, only if I open the folder location and play using VLC or something like that.

I tried toggling audio channels between automatic and stereo and also tried toggling Separate Microphone Track, without success.

I'm using an XFX RX 580 (8GB) and I'm currently on driver version 21.2.3. I've also tried a clean install (using DDU in Safe Mode to remove the driver) of the newest driver 21.4.1, but the issue persists. I went back to the older driver since all the drivers after this one cause driver timeout issues, especially in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated. I'm using OBS for saving my instant replays at this time, but I would like to use AMD's feature, since it's a lot more streamlined and straightforward than opening OBS every time.

Thank you!


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