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Adept II

impossible to stream on youTube with amd adrenaline software

I cannot link my youtube to radeon relive. I am able to click on "Go Live" on the youtube option for streaming and a blue circle next to my cursor load for few secconds and nothing happen. tried with different youtube account butsame issue.

At the moment I am able to stream with custom youtube key and url,   but I would rather connect it dirrectly to youtube.

Reinstalled fresh windows 11

installed chipset

installed audio drivers

installed last amd adrenaline 23.3.2

correctly sign in to youtube account in amd software.

Before to reinstall windows streaming with amd software stopped to work also with custom key and with twitch account

lan internet connection.

Installed OBS I I was able to stream on youtube so the issue seems to be with amd software

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Adept I

The same thing happened to me, I formatted my computer, reinstalled the drivers, I thought it was an issue related to Armory Crate, I removed everything and even updated my BIOS and I still can't stream....I have tried 23.3.1....23.2.1 and 22.Q4, Nothing worked

so you same issue with mine. atm I am able to stream custom on YouTube. I think there is some problem between amd software and YouTube, somehow our YouTube account do not accept streaming from amd software, maybe YouTube blocked our ip, but I don't know why.

Journeyman III

Same issue for me, since March 7th 2023 drivers I can no longer stream on YouTube

yep, for sure there are more people with this problem and no explanation from amd, why / how this can be solved 

Adept I

I used to Stream with windows HDR enable, now i can only Go live to Youtube with Stream key, the button in Radeon software does't work anymore and Windows HDR on makes my stream fully blacked, need to turn Windows HDR off to get image. 


As usual there is no official information from AMD abut all this mess. 

Adept I

This one last 23.4.1 , did he work good or it is same like last ?


Just tried it today - I can stream to Twitch just fine, but Youtube - not so much!  I click the button, and it just doesn't go through.


there is no issue with streaming via twitch or facebook, only YouTube have this problem and still nothing from AMD side


I'm having the same exact issue using Adrenaline 23.4.3 on a system using the following specs:

1. CPU - Ryzen 5, 5600 [6-core/12-threads] (AMD)
2. GPU - Radeon RDNA2, 6650XT [8GB/GDDR6] (Asrock)
3. Motherboard - B550M ITX WiFi (Asrock)
4. SSD - 4 TB M.2 NVMe 4.0 (Corsair)
5. RAM - 32 GB DDR4 4000 MHZ (G.Skill)
6. PSU - 550W Bronze Semi-Modular ATX (Thermaltake)
7. Case - The Tower 100 ITX (Thermaltake)
8. CPU Cooler - Peerless Assassin 120 SE ARGB (Thermalright)
9. Case Fans - 3x 120mm ARGB (Thermalright)

Userbenchmark Results:

It streams to Twitch just fine but not on YouTube. The pinwheel spins for a second but then nothing.

Also, I don't know if it's the drivers or the Asrock 6650XT I'm using which is brand new as of a week ago, it just will not return from sleep. This is hella annoying. I've disabled sleep as it is the only thing that seems to work.



Adept I

Common amd! What is the problem, fix the youtube connection

Adept I

What's going on?! How can it be possible that such a basic functionality is broken for so long, and noone at AMD cares? Do you guys even test this software before release?

Adept I

Ive used x570 board, 6900xt not working

X570 board, 7900xt not working

B650 board, 7900xtx not working


Tried with old and latest motherboard and amd graphics driver, latest bios. Nothing works

Adept II

We are on 2024 and still no answer from AMD. If clients reported issue is so insignificant for amd, then they deserve this low market share. 

Adept II

having this issues still. Please AMD say something and fix this. Thank you.

Journeyman III

Same issue Feb 2024, cant stream with AMD adrenalin, with OBS is fine, but there is something broken in AMD software

I think we just spend the time here for nothing. They (amd) are so **bleep**... 6000 radeon series was my last relation with red team. Never again will buy any vga from them

The support and quality of drivers is an utter joke.