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Adept I

*important* The Adrenaline driver causes a non-stop lag in the system, helped OBS-studio in the background +video

Good day to everyone who have same issue as me.

After six years I decided to upgrade the graphics from gtx970 to Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ (much level higher don't you think?  )  and here came the problem after a clean install of windows and adrenaline drivers.

Almost immediately after installing the graphics driver, my windows system started to lag until finally crash when moving the windows-window to another location on my desktop instead of fluency, incredible drops came and then followed the endless fall of the drivers.

I came up with the idea, that when you run a game or application using a graphics card in the background with windowed settings, all those crashs and lag/drops stopped. As long as this application is active in the background while I'm on pc, there is not a single problem except for a minor lag. 

Please devs work on these drivers because there are a lot of people in trouble including me

Here is my problem which actually fixed permanent obs studio running in a background. VIDEO

Thank you for read this comment and have a good day, I believe you can put these drivers and stability together as soon as possible for all of your customers.


monitor: LG 34UM69G - LED monitor 34", 75hz

os  windows 10

cpu Intel Core i7-5820K
gpu Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 5700 XT
ram HyperX Predator 32GB
psu Corsair CS650M

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Adept II

Hi There,

If you for example remove the AMD Driver (AMD Cleanup Tool), and install the driver manually by using the INF in c:\amd (where the installer extracts the driver) do you encounter the same stuttering issues in Windows?

If you need more detailed instructions let me know.


Hello, yes. I tried to install a clean driver without adrenaline and this error persists.

Adept II

I'm on the same GPU but never had this problem (be sure it's the smallest problem you can run with Nitro+ RX5700XT ).

Do you have any Windows optimizers etc. installed? Most lilkely, you simply need to adjust performance settings in Windows. Please see videos like "Windows 10 - Fix Dragging Window Only Has Outline or Empty Content" on YouTube, for example or "Turn On or Off Show window contents while dragging in Windows 10" on the web.

Hope it helps! Do you have any other issues with your GPU, like black screens / restarts? The latest 20.4.2 seems to be pretty OK for me but I've installed it only ~10 hours ago


Hello andrulko! I appreciate your help. I tried to have everything on and off in that settings and nothing helped. For clarification - I have only a performance problem deep inside system including also lag income sound voice from discord when my OBS or any other application which uses gpu are closed. If I turn "on" an application that uses a graphical environment on my background, everything is solved then. I have no any other problems, only this what can you see inside my video on youtube and it's very annoying.


Hmm, I was never experiencing similar problem and I've switched Windows to max performance (so content of window is empty when dragging) but I don't see any glitches/freezes. I don't understand why you need these performance tweaks on such machine though and disable visual effects  It should handle it smoothly with Best Quality settings in OS.

Did you try disabling or enabling in Chrome / Discord? Both tools you are using use hardware acceleration by default. Earlier, AMD was recommending disabling them. I'm testing Chrome with hardware acceleration turned on today on 20.4.2 driver and it's working pretty good, no freezes / black screens / restarts   


My steps are follows:

1. Fresh install Windows 10

2. Update them for 1909 and everything else via updates

3. Newest Adrenalin driver

And these problems began. I have not installed any other applications in the meantime like chrom/discord (only after that). Of course I know about the problem of hardware acceleration and have them turned off by default.


This problem seems to be caused by the driver. I can only recommend that you contact AMD with that 
I suggest you change your screen resolution and screen refresh and report whether the problem persists with this link.


Hello, thanks for the link I'll contact them and yes, after switch hertz back to 60 problems still persists. I also believe it's a driver issue.

But I couldn't see the information of your monitor, or I missed it. I am sure AMD will check if you share this information. You can also connect your system to a TV without the monitor and try it again. And you can share the situation with AMD. Goodbye...

Adept II

Are you using two seperate PCI-E cables to the GPU? just to confirm no splitter.


I use only one cable exactly this (PCI-E 8pin / 6+2pin)pin.png


Use both cables that came with the PSU, use both PCI-E output ports do not use one cable, 5700XT is known to be behaving strange using one cable.

Let me know if it improves things.