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Adept I

Image in Tab Freezes in Photoshop.

I am a full time photo editor. I spend 8-10 hours a day in Photoshop.

I have a gigabyte x570 master, 900w power supply, 5950X and 6900XT with 64GB RAM.

I have been having an issue for months now where I have multiple 4TB + size images open in PS and the one I am working on will randomly freeze. The others are fine and I can still save the image... but it will freeze so I need to close that tab and reopen it again. It's a flow breaker. This is my job and the flow is precious.

I recently had an issue with VR which forced me to downgrade my graphics to a random one I chose from 2021 (22.2.3) which fixed the VR issues. This also fixed the image tab freezing issue!!!

I was told the latest drivers fixed the VR issue so I just updated to 22.8.2. This fixed my VR issue but the freezing tabs issue is back...

I had a notification on PS startup that my graphics drivers were out of date and while I was editing it seemed like Open CL would quit and zooming would get very blocky which forced me to restart PS to fix it. 22.2.3 is no longer usable in PS... I just can't win.

I've spent hours and hours and hours trying to find a solution to this freezing tab issue. It was nice to know the issue was caused by the graphics drivers. But now I'm at the mercy of these drivers.

I'm really getting tired of bugs with this 6900XT. I paid a million dollars for it during the GPU shortage which makes the situation sting even more.

Is there a way to report this bug? Does anyone else have this issue? It took a long time to get the VR issue fixed. I'm just pissed off my images are freezing again... Perhaps easiest solution is to pony up for a 3090 and walk away from this mess.

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Adept I

Quick update... I just quit photoshop because of a tab freeze and opened it again and the tab froze within 1 minute.


This never happened once with 22.2.3 and now it's back with 22.8.2