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Journeyman III

iMac Pro custom resolution

I own an iMac Pro with Vega 64 Graphics. On my Windows Machine I use the feature of the nvidia control panel to create custom resolutions, (mostly to play games in 21:9 or even wider aspect ratios if my graphics card isn't powerful enough to handle all the pixels of my monitor) all the time. In the AMD control center under boot camp I don't find that settings. I understand that the bootcamp drivers ship with the AMD radeon Pro control panel rather than the normal software where this option to create custom resolutions is present. Here's what I already tried:

Install normal radeon software. -> the installation doesn't even begin because it displays: no amd hardware detected.

Installed CRU (third party utility to create custom resolutions)-> doesn't do anything, maybe I am doing something wrong though but it seams that the application has no power to do anything in this case.

Went into the registry -> it is different compared to when the normal drivers are installed + I can't activate Super Resolution in the AMD Pro control panel what is the problem in the first place to even be able to do this. 

Changed Steam Start Options -> has no affect in that specific game

Changed game text settings file -> has no affect since the resolution isn't present in the adapter properties of the monitor (under all modes) under the normal windows 10 settings.

So how do I get a custom resolution or even just listing the resolution under all modes without it being able to work would do the trick because then I can just select the resolution in the game and put it in window mode.