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I2C HID Device Driver - Razer laptop Amd CPU

Hey there,

I am not exactly a computer professional and I am having a problem that I cannot find the solution to. Thank you in advance for any help and insight.


I have a Razer Blade 14 2021 model - Windows 11. 

The touchpad has had this problem for a while where it just doesn't work. Sometimes a reboot will fix it but sometimes it will go a day or two without fixing. My deep internet searches have lead me all over the place but always coming back to the I2C HID Device - Error Code 10. I have read and re read so many people's solutions to no success myself. 

Here is my current understanding/theory: I need to update or get a new driver for that specific device. The internet tells me that I need to go to the manufactures site and download drivers there, but I cannot seem to find them there. Razer community told me that all drivers for devices come through the apps that are on my system - Razer Synapse and AMD Software. But my machine seems to be up to date in Windows Updater, AMD Software Adrenline Edition, Razer Synapse, and Nvidia Experience. I do not see a way to find this specific driver and all of the 'solutions' to the Code 10 problem are 'install your driver that you got from ''somewhere''? 

Now I am here. Can anyone give me some insight as to where I can find this driver? 

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