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Journeyman III

I want to set the resolution for each application.

I am very keen to be able to set the resolution for each application.

When there is a particular problem, when playing an old game and even in a new game, it becomes a pseudo full screen with a borderless window on a 4K display etc., especially the former may crash, the latter will cause problems such as slow operation ..

Until recently, when using HRC.exe etc., there was a phenomenon that the start menu did not appear in Windows 11, and it was very troublesome because the resolution of Windows was changed every time and this operation was required every time the game was played.

Since it is an application that supports the game, I would like Radeon Software to add a function so that the user can set the optimum resolution when launching the game.

There must have been this function in the past. You can select any resolution by right-clicking the Radeon icon in the lower right task tray. Why did you lose that feature?
I need more of those functions now ... = (

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it becomes a pseudo full screen with a borderless window on a 4K display etc

That's technically, Windows 10 and 11. Both OS's force fullscreen applications to be borderless and there's a compatibility setting that can disable that.

Per resolution, I could see the GPU software setting a desktop resolution for each in the settings for each application, but even with older games that I play this isn't anything to do as Windows has compatibility settings, dos box, etc and in the worst case sure you can change desktop resolution anyway or buy a fixed version if available from a game store. So there's a ton of older games today that won't have a problem there. If you have to change res for anything else, then I would have to question that lol.