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Adept I

I want to play Kotor 1 with Frame Buffer effects, 5700 XT

Just bought an Radeon 5700 XT after a friend suggested that AMD had been better on drivers than Nvidia had, after installing this card I found that I cannot run Kotor 1 with frame buffer effects, a feature that makes up half of the graphic effects in the game. Dropping the catalyst bits in the file does not function so don't even ask, will not take turn it off for an answer and it will be reported.

P.S. The Vertex effects work on this card on Kotor 2,

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Adept I

Yes I'm waiting for a fix for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 too, since I'd replaced my Radeon HD5850 through a Radeon 270X...
At the moment I'm only able to play fully on my second PC with an Radeon HD4770. So there's no possibility to play this awesome game in 4K AND framebuffers activated on actual Radeons this time...

With reshade I was able to compensate the missing bloom effects and you can add some simple SSAO. But you can't use the grass fix with it and there are some more missed grafic gimmicks too.