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Journeyman III

I've Installed the graphic drivers for my AMD Radeon HD 8160G But still get the "No Graphics Driver"

I dont understand, I've installed the drivers from this site for my AMD Radeon HD 8160G and to make sure I used the auto detect tool AMD has however the "No AMD Graphics Driver is installed, or the AMD Driver is not functioning properly.Please install the AMD Driver appropiate for your AMD Hardware" issue, I checked device manager, Its said my graphics card was working properly. And just to prove that this pop isn't a false pop up. Sometimes when running certain apps it blue screen of death,like Steam. Suggesting yeah there is something wrong with my graphics card, I just don't know what as it doesn't say anything, I've tried to re install the driver did not work. Anything I can do? Please reply!

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Volunteer Moderator

Journeyman III

That's the common issue we all are facing. Iam a amd Radeon HD 8160g with (r7m260) user too! I was facing the same problem like the one you are facing but I have solved it after excruciating attempts, follow this steps, download ddu/ uninstall all your graphic drivers from safe mode using ddu/ restart in normal windows and check windows  update/ windows will automatically download the graphics driver/ this downloaded drivers comes with your laptop in default from the manufacturer/ now go to amd site download the Correct driver for you and Radeon HD 8160g/ there are two driver edition/ download the amd catalyst version first/ if you want you can download the crimson edition second/ download the catalyst version first....,. Thank you