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Journeyman III

I think I discovered a bug in AMD's Radeon Software...

I found a bug by accident that involves AMD's newest Radeon software. I sent off a bug report to AMD, but it's been over a week and no reply. I was thinking if others that read this can confirm it and send off a bug report as well and maybe then we might get a response?!

Anyways...I was just doing a routine system check of my own operating system and happen to come across a strange bug. I was using Microsoft's SysInternals tool tcpview and noticed that AMD's..RadeonSoftware.exe software keeps creating a new copy of itself and destroying the old and at the same time open/closing new local tcp ports in sequence and sending a syn_sent to remote address localhost on port 4843 over and over for as long as the software runs in the system tray. It's like hosing the tcp stack and ddos itself over and over. Just thought I would share this with you all. AMD's version of







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