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I think AMD won't care about black screen/freezing issue anymore.

In driver version 20.4.1, black screen isn't seems to be resolve anymore.

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They only did real fixing with 2.2, and although they "supposedly" fixed HBCC in 3.1, HBCC re-introduces the black screen bug in 3.1. This means any scenario outside of basic functionality is not fixed. Who knows how well they test for multi-monitor, mixing HDMI+DP, ReLive, Crossfire(lol), Eyefinity, or any other edge case. They probably don't, since edge cases are always buggy and going unfixed, not to mention bug regression.

Also 4.1 is YET ANOTHER example of bug and performance REGRESSION in driver updates, as 4.1 performs much worse in Doom Eternal and many other games. 4.1 should only be used if it fixes a SPECIFIC problem you have, and not for general use, as 4.1 is not an improvement in general use, and apparently even re-introduces black screens.

IMO, someone in the driver dept is either incompetent or deliberately sabotaging the drivers, and QC is not doing their job, if QA/QC is even taken seriously at AMD. AMD needs to fully investigate this black screen bug, find out it's origin, and if a programmer is deliberately (re)introducing bad code, fire that saboteur. AMD obviously knows about the bug, so there is no excuse for re-introducing it after fixing it.

AMD had similar driver problems before around the Rage (id software) release. They were using multiple driver builds, and none of those builds were merging fixes properly. It was so screwed up they had to drop the driver builds and consolidate it into one like Nvidia did. Seeing a resurgence of black screens seems like AMD has gone back to multiple driver builds with bad fix merging without telling anyone.

AMD obviously needs to improve QA, meaning cleaner development, then QC, meaning stronger oversight. Right now, both are extremely lacking, if they even exist.


I thought I was the only one.

Journeyman III

Hello i bought an 3 days ago RX 5600 xt tuf gaming 3 fan and install it, can anyone help me, I’m having problems, when booting I can see the aorus logo like 5 times but small ones and a long line bellow them anyone having problems too?

sorry bad English tho 


1) Reset the bios, either jump the connection with a screwdriver, remove the batter for 30 seconds, or if you have a button for it, press it.

2) Re-seat the GPU, check that your GPU is set properly, and snuggly in the pci-E lance, and that the power connector is clipped in place.

3) If possible or applicable, disable Freesync or Gsync depending on your monitor in the OSD.

4) Try a different plug connector, like HDMI, or if your already using HDMI use Display port.

5) Faulty GPU, RMA the card and hope for the best.

I hope this helped.