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Journeyman III

I need to silently install Radeon software 18.Q4.1 for Firepro GPU

Hey guys, 

I'm looking for command to silently install this amd software from the command line. I looked online and in the forum, which only leads me to

"setup.exe /unattended_install:"..\Packages\Drivers;..\Packages\Apps\ACP64;..\Packages\Apps\AppEx;..\Packages\Apps\CCC2;..\Packages\Apps\CIM;..\Packages\Apps\DnDTranscoding64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx86;..\Packages\Apps\WirelessDisplay64"/autoaccept_all /force_hide_first_run /force_close_when_done /on_reboot_message:no"

Which is for an older version and does not work. AMD's Setup.exe /help, command switchs are useless and do not work. Can i get some real help from someone who works at AMD?

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Journeyman III

Hi Friend (Rayb), here are some ways to do Silent install and uninstall of AMD driver-

1) setup.exe -install

this is for installing the whole driver package in Silent mode

2) setup.exe install -boot 

this is for install in silent mode and also performing a suggested reboot afterwards automatically

3) setpu.exe -install -log "../path-to-store-log.log" 

here avoud double quoes, this will install silently & even store all logs too in a file at specified location

4) setup.exe -uninstall

this is to Uninstall the whole driver package completely in Silent mode

Note: similarly '-boot' & '-log' can be also used with uninstall. This info can be gathered from '/help' parameter given just after the setpu.exe command in CMD. Example: suppose driver package is copied in C drive then the command should be run like- 'C:\19.Q2 driver> setup.exe -install'