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Journeyman III

I need help with AMD software error 195

When I got my PC I was able to install the "AMD Adrenalin" software correctly and everything was working perfectly for approximately a month and a half. A few days ago I installed the drivers through a CD that came when I bought the PC and everything was installed supposedly correctly, but when I checked the status of the drivers with the AMD adrenalin software I realized that it had been eliminated, I tried to reinstall AMD adrenalin from the website and I got error 195, deactivate the firewall and the antivirus but the error 195 kept appearing, I removed the drivers with different tools and the same error continued, in the end I ended up formatting the PC 2 times in addition to resetting the BIOS and the error continues to appear, I need the AMD adrenalin software, not only to update drivers but to register and configure my integrated graphics, I am not looking to install third-party drivers since I know this works for me, I only need the AMD adrenalin software.

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