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i need a stable driver for rx550 plz

i need a stable driver for rx550 plz

i play game like cs:go , ets2 , league of legends , and with the last driver , i just get crash and crash and crash in game

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Unfortunately do to the vast differences in hardware and software it is impossible to help without some more information. Such as Laptop or Desktop, integrated or discrete? The forum headers ask for you to provide the following information for us to help you best:

When posting a new question, please provide as much detail as possible describing your issue making sure to include the relevant hardware and software configuration. 

For example:

  • Issue Description: [Describe your issue in detail here]
  • Hardware: [Describe the make and model of your: Graphics Card, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, PSU, Display(s), etc.]
  • Software: [Describe version or release date of your: Operating System, Game/Application, Drivers, etc.]

Hey bro, I've same problem here... When I update my RX 550 to version 19.9 my Desktop doesn't even start Windows, just black screen after MB logo.

  • Issue Description: Can't install any driver after version 18.12.2 from Dec 12, every new one my Desktop crash, can't do anything.. I need to enter in secure mode and desinstall, restart and install again 18.12
  • Hardware: I have a RX 550 2gb XFX, i5 7400, 16gb Kingston memory, Gigabyte H110m-M.2 MB, Thermaltake 600w and use a Corsair M.2 SSD
  • Software: The driver that i'm trying to install is 19.9.2 from AMD site, my Windows is Win 10 PRO Version 1903, I don't think that game version is relevant because I can't even start my windows... but just FYI, R6 Siege, Forza Horizon 4, COD MW Beta, all of them request a new driver

You are not the only one complaining of this issue on Polaris cards. It seems and this is only my guess that they are concentrating on Navi so much that they are not quality checking the drivers for Polaris based cards to ensure things like this don't happen. Run DDU an install a prior driver that worked. There are drivers from 2019 that will work but you may have to go back about 5 or 6 drivers. Unless you need a newer driver for a new game that does not work stay with what you have. That 2018 driver was better for Polaris anyway. Please report the issue to AMD:


Already reported... Apparently they don't care... doesn't had any answer

from AMD... one thing I've learned... their graphic cards are cheaper but

they have the worst support.

COD MW Beta wasn't able to start without the new driver... I'll go back to

my old driver, but some games show a notification... you're using a driver

that is not supported

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Re: i need a stable driver for rx550 plz in Drivers & Software


Unfortunately I have had similar experience. I'd say they have answered my support requests less than 20% of the time, but it is the only avenue they give you to communicate. I always hope that even when they don't answer that someone is at least keeping track of how many complain on a similar issue.

Don't let your return window pass if you are not happy with the card. Or RMA it if you feel it may just be defective hardware. Sorry about your experience.

Good Luck!


Try version 17.11.4 it work for me

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Re: i need a stable driver for rx550 plz in Drivers & Software