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Adept I

I'm having trouble opening my AMD settings.

 I tried reinstalling both the display and drivers multiple times but i'm still unable to open my AMD settings. I try right clicking my desktop and clicking AMD settings but it doesnt open. I go to the bottom right corner to click it but it disappears. How can I fix this?

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The USB Drive is the culprit. Windows May 2019 won't install with any type of USB Drives installed.

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Ive been googling trying to find a fix. There isn't one. I keep getting "AMD driver crash" Nothing about being unable to open AMD settings. Also my pc wont update to the new version. I tried calling customer support but it says they're closed and they close at 5pm and when I checked their current time it's 2pm so they have no excuse. Also Windows 10 wont update the modern version even after scanning and saying my pc is able but when it finishes it says

"This pc cant be upgraded to windows 10


Your pc has hardware that isn't ready for this version of windows 10. No action is needed. Windows update will offer this version of windows 10 automatically once this issue is resolved"

Just send your driver back and go with another brand. Clearly AMD don't give a damn and are unwilling to help. I googled help for AMD and when I click a link it takes me to a page with a map and gives me useless options like warrently, products etc. Things I dont want and the only support says they're closed three hours early. Be smart and get your money back. These people are unwilling to cooperate or help. 


If you are unable to understand the last long post I made, with fairly clear instructions about windows updates - then there is as very low probability that you will know how to use DDU properly...but you can try - I'm not even going to try explaining that. However,

I suggest you go to the start menu ( just bring up start menu or hit windows button, and while holding shift, left click restart.

When the system reboots you may be prompted for recovery options. You need to select "boot in safe mode".

Once in safe mode environment, uninstall the radeon driver. It will not matter if you are connected to the internet or not however it helps if you are using DDU. Simply uninstall the radeon driver from the apps section, and then reboot.

After doing this, your windows update will grab whatever driver it thinks is the best one for you and it will install it.

See if that driver does something.


I already said to you I dont fully understand. Im a little tired so I cant exactly figure out what all that text means if you get me. I need to start going to bed on time


Just have a look at them after you get some rest then.


Well I got it in safe mode and uninstalled my driver but the update isnt even mentioning the driver. What now?


With your OS corruption and update problems I suggest you try asking for help from

Any one of the corrupt OS files could be stopping amd software from working correctly.

Personally, I would suggest

The USB ISO option may be the better choice in your case.

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Ok doing that made it even worse. Now AMD settings arent showing up at all when I right click on the desktop. Also while it was reinstalling the screen got white noise. Fuzzy like a tv. I had to restart my tower. Wouldnt open at first, it shut itself off and now it's ok but AMD is no where to be seen. Now what?


You should not be trying to install the AMD drivers...they are designed for the latest OS version. You have to update Windows10. Take the AMD graphics card out of your computer. Plug your monitor cable in to the computer mainboard. Then try to update your OS.

Did you read this?? 



I suggest you to run windows update troubleshooter. from this you will be able to automatically fix some problems by running the Windows Update Troubleshooter


it says it wasnt able to automatically fix all issues found

But all it says is "service registration is missing or corrupt"


scott01 wrote:

it says it wasnt able to automatically fix all issues found


But all it says is "service registration is missing or corrupt"

Here is how to fix that error....but you are going to have to actually read it 


Good news is I fixed the error

Bad news is it didn't fix anything. I still cant update windows and when I tried the troubleshooter again it said

"Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem"

Now what...?


In addition to those suggests, it may be that logging into windows using a microsoft account ( such as bing or onedrive login credentials ) or associating your account with such a service ( these are free on the low end by the way ) may create a windows license credential for your windows 10 product if you were offered a free update from 8.1 or 7 and took that offer while also having some official email based login with Microsoft. 

If you have to reinstall, refresh or repair windows 10, then...

I can't speak to this as a certainty in your situation as I have 4 windows 10 licenses tied to my account and it doesn't matter what hardware I run windows 10 on, it always gets a legal license activation as soon as I log in.

Just for reference I was able to use a very old windows 7 pro upgrade serial from an old installation as a windows 10 pro key with zero problems on a client's machine about a year ago.

So you may be able to do the same with whatever windows 7, 8, 8.1 keys you may find attached to your old or existing computer.


Just how do I get the update from windows 10 to work? Even with the error fixed it keeps saying programs on my pc arent ready to be updated to the new version or something. How come i'm suddenly having all these problems and I cant even play Sims 4???? That's all I want to do! That's all I care about is fixing AMD settings so I can put Sims 4 in the graphics card so it'll use it and I can finally start playing it again! But instead I got one problem after another and it's IMPOSSIBLE to fix! I'm really angry now.

I just want this stupid thing to update and it wont and there isn't even a identification to the problem now. I'm stumped and have no idea what to do.


AMD has nothing to do with Windows Update...that is why I suggested you remove the AMD graphics card and it's drivers, then try to update it. If you get the same error, contact Microsoft How to report Windows 10 bugs to Microsoft? 


Well I just know updating windows helps AMD for some reason. I just don't know how to fix my AMD settings not working


He means to say that you need to fix windows update prior to trying to fix this AMD related issue.

It's pretty clear that you don't know how to fix either issue or have not been reading the materials given to you or don't understand them to begin with.

To eliminate AMD as a problem, you need to remove the AMD card from the system ( physically take the card out ), and plug your monitor into the motherboard.

This may clear up your windows update problems right away.

After that is fixed and you have gotten past the update issue ( And yes, you clearly have an update issue despite what windows is telling you on the surface of things ), make sure you check the update history and see that you have the latest updates and your OS version is 1903 ( see about windows or refer to msinfo32 program ) - then physically reinstall the AMD graphics card.

the Latest windows build as of this post is 18362.


Ok so remove AMD card, uninstall it and try to the windows update again? Then with Windows updated AMD may work?


See if you can possibly understand this:

Drivers and Software

AMD software and drivers are designed to work best for up-to-date operating systems. Please be sure to update your operating system before installing drivers.

I said a long time ago everything is up to date. I was adviced by tech support to update my windows. While it says it's up to date apparently there is a may update but it keeps telling me that something needs my attention and something on my pc isn't ready for the update. I dont get it.


The best way to find out your computer information is by downloading a small free program called SPECCY. This will give Make & Model of most of your hardware and specs including software installed. Very simple to run.

Second the error you are getting could be because you have a external USB device or hub connected to your computer and or a SD Card in your card reader.

When I tried to update my Windows I get the same error message. Once i disconnect my USB Hub with several Flash drives and Web camera and remove my SD Card from my internal Card Reader, the Windows installation starts successfully.

If your windows is corrupt, you can try an In-grade Upgrade to the same version by using a DVD or Flash Drive with the current Windows installation and run it while on your desktop. This will install a good Windows version while keeping all your 3rd party software you have installed.

But first I would run SFC /scannow in a elevated Command Prompt and see what errors come up. Then run this other command, also in an elevated Command Prompt, " Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth"  This command will download and replace any missing core or corrupted Windows file.

Or just follow this link on how to run SFC and DISM to repair your Windows OS: 

If unable to fix then download a free small program called SFCFIX. Run it and it should repair your Windows. If it doesn't then do an In-grade upgrade again.

This link gives you specific tips on how to repair Windows update and many of its errors: 


Well I do have a usb drive and a microphone plugged into both of the usb ports right now. I guess ill unplug them and see


The USB Drive is the culprit. Windows May 2019 won't install with any type of USB Drives installed.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windows updated and AMD settings opens! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


You have got to be kidding me...

Anyway, are you able to update to 1903 and latest build of windows?

Is 19.6.2 working for you now?


glad to hear it.

Sometimes the obvious is overlooked.


..also, disable Fast Start up in windows. I'm not sure why this didn't get mentioned earlier. It's usually a problem to begin with.

It's in the power options section of the control panel. Or you can search "how to disable fast start up" on the web.

If you don't need to have PC hibernate, search for cmd next to start button, right click to run as administrator and ( open a command prompt as administrator ) type powercfg /h off and press enter. This will disable hibernation and fast start up. restart the pc.

Resume the grueling process of fixing windows update.