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Journeyman III

I'm getting a Catlyst Control Center: Host Stop Working error with my Win 7 Professional HP Pavilion with AMD Radeon HD 7660D display adapter. I can't find it in list to download to reload.

Which driver should I use to reinstall since mine is not listed?

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You should read this > Laptop graphics update...How to 

Then supply the required/necessary information INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION 

Nobody can answer your question without it.

** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All 'critical', 'recommended', and 'optional' (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message .... keep installing until you do:

As Kingfish requested, need more information.

From what I see you have a A10 APU installed for a Desktop. This is the only place I saw that had HD7660D Integrated Graphics.

Once you post your complete Computer Information than you might get more help.

NOTE: I presume you realize that on January 2020 Windows 7 will be Non-Supported by Microsoft anymore.  After January 2020 you will not get any more Windows Updates for Windows 7 OS. 

So if your computer or laptop supports Windows 10, I would upgrade to that OS before January 2020 to prevent your computer OS from becoming unsecured and a good chance there will no longer be Driver updates support for whatever hardware you have installed since the OS is no longer supported by Microsoft.

EDIT: Seems like the A10 with HD7660D is considered to be "Legacy" old and not supported by AMD Driver updates anymore. Just checked on the first one on the list and it shows only two Drivers to install:

1) WHQL Driver from 2015

2) BETA Driver from 2016

So you only have two choices of updating your driver.