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Journeyman III

I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

Look, we get it. You're being pressed by Intel and Nvidia, not exactly two lightweights. Some higher-up made a decision to try to compete on software because you can't on hardware. Not a bad decision on the whole. Forcing buggy, unreliable software on users isn't the solution.

I'm using an AMD R9 380 because it hit a good price-performance ratio. Having been an owner, I'm now absolutely sick of having to figure out which driver version is actually stable enough to use. Like most gamers, I use gaming as a way to destress. I've now spent 10 hours in the past week alone uninstalling, searching, downloading, reinstalling, and testing drivers because you guys decided that what I really needed was ReLive or FreeSync or whatever useless technology you think I need. Guess what? That technology is only "nice to have". What's required? Stable, working drivers that don't interrupt my experience. Hiding previous driver versions and defaulting to auto-updating drivers when you don't spend enough time on QA is a terrible combo. If you don't want to spend on QA, the least you can do is make previous driver versions easily findable and spend extra time on QA for just a few versions that are marked as Long-Term. Re-enabling AMD-Updater as a scheduled task on every driver update is cute too, even if I deliberately uncheck the option to keep the driver up to date.

Deliver on your core competency first. Stop spending so much time on bells and whistles when it compromises your core competency. If this process continues, you will lose a customer for life.

If I had known that this would be my user experience, I'd have gone with Nvidia. They might be more expensive, but at least they don't assume my time is worthless and best spent fiddling with drivers.

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Re: I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

You haven't looked through their forums have you? 

Adept II

Re: I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

That friend was not the point of his post... He means they should have focused their efforts on the drivers instead of the other software that was causing many issues. I have been an AMD user for i do know how long went to Nvidia and despite the forums the interface user experience was far better. I came back from the GTX780 and it was a good experience but i enjoyed my time with AMD enough to come back. When i did it was by far the worse experience i ever had with AMD and i mean bad. If that was my first time with AMD i guarantee you it would have been my last. Many of my friends i had convinced to give AMD a try were to put it mildly turned off. The crashing and constant black screens was just way too much for some / others said its their last time going RED....How much money you think it's costing them (AMD) due to bad half baked drivers? or better yet in my case the added software was the cause of my game crashes and many others that i played with who had purchased similar cards. It's a shame to loose Gamers not because your product is flawed but your software was thrown into the wild before it was ready....or better yet reckless in my personal op....I hope they don't continue this kind of software fiasco because it's going to cost them a heavy price and potentially Red fans for the future.  Long live AMD

Adept III

Re: I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

you're wrong. Nvidia has really buggy drivers too. believe me

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Re: I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

Nvida had / still has worse problems than AMD back before , after and currently since Microsoft pushed Windows-10 as only OS available.

Windows-7 is very stable and every driver for it up to R-300 series for it, except you will get a immediate OS upgrade for a HUGE Blue screen message stating.


but very stable, long as you don't mind never going online and seeing any real use out of it. Theres also Windows-8 but everyone knows that's the reason we went to Win10.

So to stay totally on topic, don't count on another company being any better currently, if I wouldn't have read Intel in your message I would have felt sorry, but your not using a 100% AMD system, so you really couldn't complain all that much. Full AMD systems run perfect on Crimson and the packages that were built for them.

Just saying, something to consider giving a 30day trial of... a full AMD system that comes with:


Is of this year or previous year

That's 100% AMD

One you can return if it fails and can write a real P.S. message for.

My best regards

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Adept II

Re: I'm extremely disappointed with my user experience as an AMD user.

Understood but i wasn't  foolish enough to download and install windows 10. I knew how bad things were and still persist and its why im still currently using win7. My next OS after this will be a Linux distro..... I will be one of many people who are done with Microsoft and their constant stpdty. Again my OS is not the issue It's the fact that i had to figure out and track down the cause of a product that i knew was not the hardware. Well anyways.... I fill bad for who ever got win10 cause that thing is a cancer to PC gamers and i hope it goes down in flames. 

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