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I have streaming problem with Radeon Relive

Hi people. My name is Cristian.

When I try to stream videogame in fullscreen, my contacts only see a black screen. My contacts can only hear the sound of the videogame I'm trying to stream. I tried all kinds of solutions, but I have not hit the nail on it. The problem is in all services like as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and all services of streaming.

Hw specs:

CPU Phenom x3 710.


x1 SSD Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB

x1 HDD Samsung 500GB

x1 HDD WD 320GB

x1 HDD WD 320GB

x1 HDD WD 160GB

RX 460 nitro 18.8.1 Adrenalin.

Windows 7 Home x64 (I have tested with Windows 10, same result)

The cpu not is the problem, imo. I streaming Minecraft (and other games like COD 2, CS:GO, League of Legends) at (or more depending the game) 40 fps with shaders (Sildurs Vibrant Shaders, bbepc, chocapic, etc) in windowed mode at 480/720p with no problem, lag or stuttering. But when using fullscreen in games and try to stream some game in fullscreen the vídeo result seems black.

Sorry for my pseudo english. I am a spanish boy and studying some english in my school.

Thanks in advance for your responses!.

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