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Adept I

I found why CSGO is so sharp and stuck at retrieving server info (MayBe)

Hello, guys! 

I have found something interesting yesterday. 

And yes! As you read in title i found some "fixes" for 6000 series and CSGO. I am not 100% if one of the fixes 100% work but i hope the best.

Problem 1: First of all, and the most annoying is the sharp effect while enabling the gpu scaling (wich is good for fast alt tab and swiching resolutions).

How to solve: There are two ways, both have advantages and disadvantages.

P1SA: Disable Gpu scaling if it's enabled by default.

Advantage: No more sharpen effect, high performance.

Disadvantage: Very slow Alt-Tab; Dont even try to change resolution when you are connected to a server (it will take an eternity to change).

P1SB:Enable GPU scaling and Radeon super resolution (Graphics tab). There you have sharpen effect and place it to 0.

Advantage: **bleep** good quality (my case: 768p ->1080p)

Disadvantage: slowing performance a bit; it's upscaling method. Wich i dont like it for cs go.


Problem 2: The csGo infinite loading time. Stuck at "retrieving server info" or "initializing world".

For this one i am not 100% sure but i hope it will work for you too.

P2S: Disable above 4g decoding and rebar.  

I know... no more SAM. But with 4g decoding on or rebar on, game crash. 

DON'T USE "-DISABLE_d3d9ex" or"-d3d9ex" or whatever. Just don't use them. Those are crashing the game.

I hope 2023 drivers come with more fixes than features.


My configuration:

B550 Aorus PRO v2


Hyperx fury beast 3600 cl17 (cl16)

Rog Strix 6700xt

980pro 250gb 

Seasonic s12 iii 650w 80+ bronze.


I am sending to amd a message. Please delete the sharpen effect with gpu scaling on. (Low resolution). Or atleast create a sub setting who allow you to change sharp effect. The radeon super resolution eat much resources in CSGO.

I trusted you and i still do. Do something for you clients. We all wait for you!


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Adept I

Those who want to improve something. Let's make amd notice our problem. Please like and comment to make it a high post to be noticeable!

I want to see how much ylu care about this problem.


Adept I

For csgo loading I've found that spamming ALT + TAB helps to load faster. And disabling SAM and Above 4g decoding doesn't help in csgo, only in FH5, there if I disable SAM I have 0 stutters. 

PC specs:

  • Ryzen 5 5600g (I've left it on auto settings because I see no reason for OC on that CPU)

  • RX 6600 Sapphire Pulse

  • 16GB (2x8 G.Skill FlareX 3200 C14, XMP Enabled)

  • B550 Aorus Elite V2

  • 256GB SATA SSD for OS

  • 1TB WD SN850 for games

  • 500GB WD Blue HDD for other stuff and some games when I have no space on the other SSD

  • 750W Corsair CX750 80+ Bronze

  • Windows 11 Build 22621.1194 Insider Preview (Release Preview channel)

Adept I

If youre still having issues with being stuck on retrieving server info aka stuck with map loading on amd gpu,

Open Adrenaline>Settings>Record&Stream>Media  Turn on Instant Replay

(Yes I know its sounds ridiculous) but it actually fixes it, idk about performance wise but mine is playable with vysnc tripple buffered max settings(open GL Tripple Buffering and antilag via gaming tab on adrenaline) I didnt discover this on my own i just figured i would share around since amd doesnt really bother.