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Journeyman III

I did not know that AMD restricts people to using only one version of Ubuntu and not any other Linux OS's really before I bought a Dell laptop with AMD and now I am stuck without proper drivers so is it OK to run the opensource amdgpu drivers on the AMD P

So here goes. I bought a AMD GPU in my Dell workstation because I knew Nvidia can be a pain and I like how AMD works with the opensource world.I do not game so I thought the Radeon Pro WX 3200 would be a great little GPU for me and since it is based on polaris it should have great Linux support. The laptop came with Ubuntu LTS with kernel 4.15 but I do not use gnome as my daily desktop. I use Arch Linux with Plasma desktop but 99.9 percent of what you can get in Ubuntu you can get in Arch and really we have access to much much more than they do but the AMD Pro drivers that I need for my Radeon Pro WX 3200 are only available to the Ubuntu LTS. OK So I thought I will install KDE neon because it uses the LTS kernel and Ubuntu packages but that did not work because I have the new Intel ax200 wifi-6 card so I had no internet signal after installation. So then I installed Kubuntu 19.10 just to find out that no one has fixed the drivers where they will install on the newer versions of Ubuntu and AMD is sticking with the LTS release only method I guess.  I have Arch Linux up and running but I have not got proper graphics driver besides the xf86-video-amdgpu which is not the correct driver really for the AMD Pro cards. I am begging AMD to see that there is tons and I mean tons of articles on forums with people wanting to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 and they can not upgrade because they don't want to loose there drivers. People like me are stuck with a GPU that we wanted but now can't even use properly.  We want to run the proper drivers on our system but I can not even install a system with a kernel that old on my laptop. In summary I can not install Ubuntu LTS with Plasma desktop because the wireless doesn't work and on any newer kernel you don't supply a driver so what gives here ?? Me and million others just want to use our GPU with proper driver in whatever Linux OS we use or even if you just made the drivers available to newer Ubuntu releases would be a great start. Please don't think I am putting AMD down but I am asking for relief because we work hard to buy our PC's and we just want to them performing as they should.

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