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I desperately want streaming functionality for LAN, (Bit like SteamVR) on any remote android, Mira or Googlecast screen?

I know there's possibilities and functionality to satisfy most users already, but ...

I really think most people aren't familiar with, or, interested enough. Enough to setup a dedicated RTP/RTSP through a third party (such as a computer on the local network) or to successfully get a satisfactory result of utilizing VLC to cast a live, low latency stream of the gameplay while casting it to a so-called wireless display. 

Instant support for streaming directly to established wireless display solutions, like but not limited to some of these:

- Microsoft:s MiraCast

- Google LLC:S Googlecast/Chromecast

[ Source > Encoder + Broadcaster > Client device <> HDMI/DP <> Television/Projector, et cetera ad infinitum ]

The concept in as plain and summarized language I can:

You are basically missing one function before making your already feature-packed Radeon driver the main attraction, or, in the very least a complementary feature to the upcoming trend of ** Cloud-based real-time gaming distribution.

 This makes the PC the mainframe since these cloud-based services and game/software distributors  (Steam and Ubisoft or Rockstar for instance) or any stand-alone/retro game playable, for the moment limited to LAN which is most likely more than enough.

- Stream Kingdom Come: Deliverance on your Smart-TV using a wireless controller or on your laptop just like PS+ and (un)Stadia but with so much better graphics and removing the limit of possibilities!

**Like Google Stadia that at the moment are in trouble and allegedly behaving criminal, ask for ref.

Wouldn't you want to be able to stream directly to LAN?

Imagine either streaming through a broadcast bound to an IP or a direct connect function for your streaming function to stream directly to any of these receivers. That'd be swell and make the PC quite superior (as it most likely always is and have been) to any solution involving limited functionality machines or no-privacy / mining your soul. Not to mention that this way you can run programs and create music in apps with Desktop streaming functions too!

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