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I can't update drivers anymore using amd software

so I had amd software for about a month and I had no issues but like a week ago when I tried updating my drivers using the software it gave me an error so I decided to restart my computer. After I restarted my computer it stopped showing me the option to update drivers using the software

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Just a tiny tad more information would be helpful.....

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What do you mean by "I tried updating my drivers using the software"?


Usually, when I update my driver, I would download the latest driver, make sure it is in a file or folder where I can easily access. I would then disable WiFi, or unplug the ethernet/LAN cable to my computer (to prevent Windows from trying to install a driver). Windows has a funny habit of installing a driver when it detects that your system has no gpu driver.


Then I either uninstall my present driver in the Apps, or use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to uninstall the present driver completely from my system. The system should then prompt me to restart.

Upon reboot, I would run the latest driver install, and it should install without issue. That's how I have been doing driver uninstallation and installation thru the years, without issue I might add.

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