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Journeyman III

I can't play games sinds i install the software for my AMD radeon RX 5700TX

Hey i have some problems with my AMD radeon RX 5700 XT GPU. Last month I got a new PC with this GPU because I am a gamer but don't have a lot of money for better GPU's. First I got some problems with Steam VR, I saw that i need to install some update's for my GPU so i did that and that work. But now i cant play anything without a error, before i install this i play X-Plane without any problem now i get the error that i need OpenGL 2.0 for this but i never got this error before on this computer. Same thing with War Thunder before this i played the game without a error and now i get the error "integrated GPU selected. Switch to discrete GPU for better performance" And then he gave a fatal error and then he closed my game. Please help because I want to play games

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